How to Cultivate Radical Creativity in Your Organization

Radical creativity is the ability to harness creativity as a proponent for change, action, and expression. It can be used to solve a variety of problems in both personal and professional spaces. It’s about changing the fundamental nature of everything you touch by using creativity as a tool. This is how we move from a transactional way of functioning to a transformational method of infusing everything that we touch with life and intention. 

Radical creativity can be used to:

  1. Cultivate and fuel innovation programs
  2. Cultivate high-impact content for internal communications teams
  3. Help support retention strategies and manage talent
  4. Develop creative assets and artifacts for internal or external branding, marketing, and storytelling
  5. Manage organizational change and develop talent 

So how does this work in real-time? 

Imagine you are working on developing an innovation program for your business, and many things have been brought to the table, such as assessments, tools, methods, and best practices. Radical creativity is what takes all of these resources and makes them dynamic, relevant, and customized for your team and organization. It takes rigid tools and makes them agile, but in order to do this, change leaders in every organization have to cultivate radical creativity in themselves and their employees.  

Ways to Cultivate Radical Creativity

  1. Align your leadership around the concept
  2. Let your people play by encouraging tinkering and creative expression
  3. Start conversations about what it means to be creative and why it is necessary to transform your organization
  4. Organize a series of activities that promote creativity
  5. Bring in experts to work with the decision-makers in your organization
  6. Work to integrate curiosity, imagination, and creativity in your culture by eliminating command and control practices, policies and methods 
  7. Take a closer look at the way you do things and make sure that everything is living and breathing from your workspace to the copy machine, make it magical 

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