Holistic Corporate Solutions Series – Episode 1: Meditation in Honor of the Beauty of Resilience

Welcome to the first episode in my Holistic Corporate Solutions series! These meditations, mantras, and musings are taken from an upcoming book that I am working on. My hope is that these meditations help anyone that listens to them face their day confidently, bond project teams, and even be done before meetings as a group activity. Feel free to listen to the audio recording or read on your own.


Settle into your space.
Set your intention on quietness, clarity, and vision.

Breathe in clarity.
Breathe out defeat.

Breathe in change.
Breathe out resistance.

Sit in stillness for a moment.

Now picture in your mind the beginning of time and observe the beauty of humanity. Humanity has lasted for millions of years, and the struggle to survive has forced us to evolve.

We adapt to what we are given.
We adapt to what is taken away.
Let this give you hope.

Even though our bodies can be easily broken and death may overtake us, we are also renewed and reborn each day.

Let renewal soak into your spirit for just a moment.
Embrace it.
Be thankful for it.

Turn your thoughts inwards and journey inside your body.
Witness its glory.
Your body is active, constantly sustaining, and moving.
Our bodies organically renew, grow, and dispose of toxins each day.
The cycle of life and death is active in us every day.
When we dispose of toxic and infectious particles of our body, and in our body, we are reborn and begin a new full lifecycle every day.

Renewal of the body, mind, and spirit creates a pathway to resiliency.
Resilience is the legacy of our humanity.

As humans, we live on.
We overcome.
It is in our nature to be resilient.
It is in our nature to be reborn over and over with newness of life and vitality.

In this constant change in our bodies, in the world, and in our lives, we can allow ourselves to float freely in the organic flow of our lives.
Never having to worry.
Never overplanning or over-analyzing but having faith in what comes to us naturally.

Sit in this time of stillness and turn your mind to that organic flow.
Place your hands upon your heart, and feel your heartbeat.
Acknowledge your breath.
Embrace the changing of your body.
Embrace all that you are. Every neuron, every part of you without categorizing pieces as perfection or flaws but simply being and acknowledging the organic resilience of humanity.

Say, thank you and sit with gratitude as a friend at this moment

Together we say…

I rise from this place a different person.
I rise from where I am and immediately walk into my destiny.
I rise together with the fellow members of my community, committing to honor, purpose, justice, safety, and nourishment of my fellow humans.

We rise to embrace our resilience.
We rise in peace.

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