Tephra Miriam Discusses How To Thrive In A Toxic Work Environment In Forbes Article, ‘Here’s Why You Should Stay In A Job You Hate’

Tephra Miriam shares her tips and tricks for thriving in a toxic work environment, in Lisa Rabasca Roepe’s Forbes article titled,  Here’s Why You Should Stay In A Job You Hate.  Tephra takes a deeper dive into the art of thriving in a toxic work environment in her post, 10 Tips For Your Professional Survival Kit.

The following excerpt was taken from the Forbes article, Here’s Why You Should Stay In A Job You Hate, written by Lisa Rabasca Roepe.

Create your own goals and rewards.

Tephra Miriam, founder and CEO, of Tephramiriam Communications, also stayed in a consulting job she didn’t love to gain more experience. Instead of focusing on the negative she focused on what she could control. She set her own long-term goals, found a side hustle that was fulfilling and developed her own rituals for celebrating her accomplishments. “One of the issues that I had was I felt horribly under appreciated,” Miriam says. “Determining my own standard of success and excellence, and creating a ritual for when I met those standards helped me thrive.”