Tephra Miriam Featured As A Guest on ‘Selling In A Skirt’ Radio With Judy Hoberman On W4WN


Tephra Miriam spoke with Judy Hoberman on her weekly live program, ‘Selling In A Skirt‘ on W4WN. The show streams live weekly at 12:00PM CST. Tephra discussed her path to building her business, the power of storytelling and the obstacles that women often encounter in building their own businesses.

Women shouldn’t feel that the only option they have for success is to climb the corporate ladder. Never be afraid to live your dream and invest in yourself. As women we need to support each other and drop the Titanic mentality. It’s not every ‘man’ for themselves. We have to support, invest and sponsor each other. Our success is collective as a community. It’s about all of us being a force and standing as one, together.

Be sure to tune into this powerful talk that focuses on women in business.