CI Launches Rebuilding a War-Torn America Series

Our longing for normality is a barrier to change.

America has been torn apart by the ravages of war against a virus that is killing thousands and deep-seated racism that has been baked into the construct of society.

How do we begin to heal and rebuild? How can black Americans and every person of color begin to beat the slave system in America and what role do corporations play in this revolution?

The goal of this series is to package a bite-size understanding of the system of slavery in its entirety and begin to look at what it would take to make lasting change because protesting is just the beginning. In order to understand the road ahead, we have to look at the architecture of the current slave system in America and start at the very origin of slavery.

The articles, talks, and videos in this series will be based on the model below.

Series List

  1. Series Announcement
  2. Overcoming the Slave System in the U.S.
  3. Treat the Disease Not the Symptom
  4. The Leftover Dynamic of a Slave Era
  5. The Role of Corporate America Amid Revolution

This series is in memory of George Floyd and all People of Color who have died in hate crimes in America.

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