TEPHRAMIRIAM Communications Produces Podcast ‘Let’s Create Something New’

TEPHRAMIRIAM Communications has launched a new podcast called Let’s Create Something New with NLA Chicago’s Alicia DaleLet’s Create Something New is a thought-provoking dialogue acknowledging that there’s no reason we have to accept environments that don’t work for us. It’s a new system where we maximize the potential of all the people in organizations, providing deep contributions and progress in every community we individually choose to live and work in. We can create equitable systems that acknowledge the way we want to live and work.

TM COM currently produces the podcast that is currently available on iTunes, SoundClound and the NLA Chicago website.

This podcast is a vivd reflection of what TMC stands for and we’re proud to produce and support the mission of gender equality and cohesion in the workforce.

TEPHRAMIRIAM Communications invites you to listen, learn, challenge, contribute, share successes and let’s create something new.

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